Stuart, Rose and Layla Crocker, Olga Lewis, Geraldine Bartlett, Patricia Sower, Paul Parfitt, Peter and Gillie Wooldridge, Joan Adams, Ben Seager, Vanessa Voysey, Vanessa Barrett, Stephen Idoime, Amy Eavery, Brian Lewis, Yvette Appleby, George Clutton, Rick and Karen (Past and Present), Graham Jones, Nick Lewis, Aubrey Hill, Geoff Hughes-Hubbold, V Boddis-Jones, Josh Griffiths, Mat Hammond, Mal & Penny Walker, Nicola Parker, Michael Bertoud, Dave Crook, BDutta, Raj, Fiona, Sue Pointon, Deborah Bartram, Joe Seager, Steven Hawke, Kevin Joyce, PQA, Tim King, Chris Gillie


This is but a short list of those who have contributed to the film. Many have given time and effort or loaned items, allowed us to shoot on their land or property and helped in so many ways. Creating the credits for the film is going to be an interesting exercise.

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