Big steps forward

For the past 10 days we have been up in Edinburgh at the Fringe with our fantastic show The Magic Hour which actually managed a full house on the final day, the photo above shows cast and crew with writer Jonathan Dorf who flew in from LA to see his play at the festival and Charlie Quirke (son of Pauline) who was in a show at the same venue. You may recognise director Jake and Billy Armitage aka Josh Griffiths from the film… We can only recommend visiting the Fringe… for us it was 5 days of shows and loads of shows seen too, 40km plus walked and several cases of Fringe flu, the whole festival lasts for 4 weeks, I have no idea how you keep going for that long!!!

As soon as we returned we got straight down to final planning of the film. Over the last few days we have secured the Manor House for John’s family, the farm, collected the first weeks costume, wigs and hats, and tonight we have pretty much finished the script with some new scenes from ideas we came up with in Edinburgh.

Director of photography Phil is here and visiting locations with us and the hunt is on for props to finish the final details of the scenes.

John Hemingway’s father has been cast, as has an army officer for a crucial scene early in the film.

Finally – a poster is nearly ready!!! It has taken lots of work and discussions but we are nearly there.

We are to be joined on set by a couple of young people who are gaining work experience, some behind the scenes and a couple as extras. It promises to be a fun couple of weeks and unlike last year we will have a couple of days off in the middle to refresh.

Scene scheduling will begin tomorrow and we will begin sending out call sheets and schedules along with location details to the cast along with the final script revision.

Exciting times

The beginning of something special

Today marks the beginning of the Wilfred Owen 100 days celebrations in Shropshire which of course finishes on Armistice Day. A little scary for us to see as we need to have a film made by then and the clock is now well and truly ticking.

You can follow the celebrations at @wilfredowen100 on Twitter.

Another casting is firmly pencilled this morning so we are moving along nicely at the moment.

Loads more over the next week



2.5 weeks to go.

Loads of progress over the last few days; the script has gone out to the cast, we have secured another venue, a significant supply of props for one of the locations and funding is now in place for the whole thing.

As with a lot of projects like this it is often as the deadlines approach that things begin to crunch into gear and this is no exception.

This week is busy with the days filled with rehearsals for our Edinburgh performance directed by Jake and evenings full of film work. Things will only get busier as we move into filming and we can’t wait.

Oh yes, our editor has been working on last years footage and we should have a rough cut of the first 20-25 minutes in the next few days.


No posts for a couple of weeks, firstly because we were in Sweden for a week and then because we have been sorting lots of things out and didn’t want to post too early and jeopardise some things.

We are very happy to say that we have a beautiful Manor House to use for the home of John Hemmingway, it is in Shropshire so we are able to keep the local involvement going. The views across Shropshire are incredible and best of all there is very little traffic around so we will not be too disturbed by noise.

Mary has been cast, Emily is a local performer who is perfect for the role, she looks amazing in the costumes of the period. She has already been to our costume fitter for dresses (the incredible Emma at The Looking Glass in Bridgnorth) and tried on some of the genuine Edwardian dresses we shall be using.

We have a strong lead to someone to play George, John Hemmingway’s father. And hope to be in a position to announce this next week.

Meanwhile director Jake is happy to note that a film he acted as First Assistant Director on while at Westminster Film School has been awarded best film at The INDI Awards.

Billy Armitage’s cottage is booked in principle and we are currently sorting out final details and charges but these are not going to be an issue.

Next week will be busy with a week of rehearsals for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with Jake directing and then we will be only 2 weeks away from shooting… the email airwaves are full of costume size charts and agreements as we move ever closer to filming.

More news soon including some pictures of things as we book them.

Hope everyone is enjoying the magnificent weather, we kind of hope it breaks a bit before we shoot otherwise it’ll all be a bit bright.

Best wishes

The team

A small diversion

This weekend Director Jake, Ben, Josh, Jordan, Julian, Marguerite, Harrison and Phil all came together to run a performing arts festival for local children in Shropshire. Booked a year ago we could not have expected weather like this in our dreams…

Fantastically hard work and very draining in the heat it was a hugely successful event, the first one we have attempted.

Now we are on to the film and planning with a vengeance, we have visited possible locations and had long discussions about the shape of the first act, some of the detail is sorted and we are moving on to booking places etc now.

More news next week as we turn to casting too.

Location, that’s what you need!

So we are up and running, Jake is back from university having completed his degree, Phil (cinematographer) and Harrison (Edmund Hackett) are coming to visit over the next weekend and we are all systems go.

The script has been significantly added to and is shaping up well and tomorrow Jake and Julian are off location scouting at a fantastic place, actually in Shropshire which is a bonus, as you will know we wanted this to be a Shropshire based film.

Several young students at a local performing arts academy have approached asking to work on the film and we are only too happy to have them on set, it gives them a fantastic insight into the industry and keeps us on our toes too.

Meanwhile Jake is beginning to take over directing a show for The Edinburgh Festival Fringe (also in August!!!) so lots to do.

I hope that by next week we will have lots more news and some pictures too.

On the starting blocks!!!


Finally the long wait for Jake and the team to finish their graduation films has ended. All are now turning their attention to The Long Way Home, Osian is beginning to edit the movie we shot last year, Phil is working on the poster for the film while he waits for the script and more info about this years shoot while Jake and Julian are scouting locations and sorting the script.

Still to sort is kit for this year and much much more but we have raised our expectations and will be onto this very soon.

A brief intro as we get going again. I intend to update at least every Monday from now on!!!



Scriptwriting and more

As Writer/director Jake’s degree course approaches it’s end we are beginning to shift into gear towards this years shooting.

The first priority is the script which is well underway albeit we keep coming up with new ideas and angles to consider. We hope to have that mostly finished in the next week to 10 days.

We then turn to finding locations for the shoot, we need to find 4 places, 1 is probably sorted but the others are more difficult to get. It will mean a lot of driving around viewing places as we identify possible candidates.

One thing is certain, we will go ahead this summer and finish the film. The whole team is determined to do so and to make something really special. We can’t wait to be in a position to tell everyone what we have planned and to get the team back together to complete shooting. Along with running a show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe it’s going to be a busy summer.

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