A bit of TV

Ok, things have moved along rather rapidly today.

Over the last few days we have been speaking with BBC Midlands Today who were interested in coming to set tomorrow. Today we had calls early on from BBC Radio Shropshire who want to transmit live from the set early tomorrow and then BBC News Team who asked Jake to visit the studios in Birmingham this evening…

A hastily rearranged wrap of today’s set followed by a rush over and Jake was interviewed by the lovely Yvonne Brissett of BBC news for a short piece to run on BBC news tomorrow morning as a teaser for the evening program. Of course nothing is guaranteed in News, who knows what may happen overnight to knock us out of the programming but here’s hoping that we get some much needed publicity.

Here is Jake being interviewed this evening.

More news tomorrow as things develop

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Week 2 begins

So week 2 begins in a field. The wind is strong and it’s quite cold for the actors but we struggle on…The few moments when the sun comes out are lovely. It’s made worse by them having 2 beautiful pork pies with them which they can’t eat.

We have 4 scenes to shoot today and then tomorrow we move to a farm elsewhere for more rural scenes.

Wednesday we will be shooting the recruiting officer scenes at a village church and after that we can call WRAP on the filming of the project.

That’s when the hard work starts, editing, grading, sound mixing and compiling. This will take many months to complete but these are the things that make the difference.

More news tomorrow

A few pictures

It’s the first of a few rest days and a chance to take stock of what we have already filmed and make adjustments to next weeks scenes if necessary.

The crew can relax and take advantage of the chance to lie in (after all most have been students for 3 years, 3 consecutive early mornings is a challenge!!)

Here are a few production stills from this week.

Week 1 done

So we draw to an end of week 1 filming with the Epilogue. We have had a fantastic few days shooting and must thank Richard and Caroline Barr for their hospitality at the beautiful Bourton Manor which serves as the ancestral home of the Hemmingway’s.

We still have some issues to sort for next week including costume and locations but we are well on track to wrap late next week.

More soon

Introducing George Hemmingway

Here is actor Tom Roberts, known to many from Emmerdale, Coronation St and many others playing Captain Hemmingway’s father George on set today…

Today’s scenes are all indoors as we set the scene before the boys all head off to war.

Today also we have the brilliant Sue on set, she invested some money in our crowd funding a year ago to win a part as an extra, she expected to walk across the back of 1 scene but we decided that she should get the full experience and so we wrote a part especially for her.

More later

Food shopping.

Not the most exciting aspect of film meaning but like an army a crew marches on its stomach.

It’s not going to look this posh I can assure you!!!

So today is buying food to keep everyone going over the next few days. We have 4 crew staying with us and a couple of cast stopping locally and then during the shoot there will be up to 20 on set each day so lots of hungry people to feed.

Sandwiches, cakes, biscuits, lemonade and most vitally of all tea and coffee.

More crew arrive today and then tomorrow is the big day shooting the first scenes of 2018.

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