The Long Way Home is set in the trenches of the Somme towards the end of that horrific battle. The soldiers of The (fictional) Shropshire Regiment have spent months in the same set of trenches unable to make progress but required to hold their position.

The film follows Captain Hemmingway (Played by Ben Seager) who leaves his comfortable home in Shropshire to join his regiment in the trench shortly before the end of the war…

Historical advice for the film has been provided by Graham Jones author of the book The Apley Legion, a book about the workers from the Apley Estate who went off to fight in The Great War. Although the film is not inspired by the book Graham’s contribution has been of tremendous assistance in understanding the context and the times. Click the image below to see his book at Amazon….




Jake began his professional career as a child actor in the touring production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with UK Productions where he played Chip the teacup.  He went on to perform in Fiddler on the Roof, Joseph, Dr Doolittle and many others before turning his mind to music.

He spent a couple of years as guitarist in a band eventually signing to a record label and making 2 music videos before the band unfortunately stalled. He is still a keen guitarist playing at university with colleagues and amongst friends.

Due to a Saturday job working with the Pauline Quirke Academy in Bridgnorth he became interested in film and film making. His first project ‘The Watcher’ received a premier at the Bridgnorth Majestic Cinema before an audience of over 200.  Jake was the youngest person ever to qualify to teach the Shakespeare Awards with the world famous Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.  His acting experience and teaching training makes him an ‘actors director’ working with the cast on their performance as well as overseeing the whole production.


Technical advice

We are indebted to the fantastic team at History in the Making in Hampshire for their invaluable help preparing to shoot the movie. We have spoken with them regularly and their advice on scheduling and the technical aspects of the shoot has been extensive and beyond value.