First sight


Here is some of the team last night during the Q & A at Shrewsbury Museum where we showed a 30 minute excerpt from the film. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with some fabulously supportive comments from supporters of the film and members of the public present.

We were part of a double bill along with The Burying Party which has already spent some time on the festival circuit and is doing extremely well with several nominations and wins. Challenging company but the films are so very different that to try to compare would be otiose.

It was a great night out and lovely to see the film finally on a bigger screen, in fact most people present hadn’t seen anything of it before last night, even we had barely skimmed through it in the rush to ensure that it was sent over ready for screening.

We certainly came away with renewed faith in the look and feel of the film and surprisingly elements we were not too sure of went down really well. Sometimes you can be too close to a thing.

Our edit team of Osian, Chris and Jane performed miracles to get things ready for last night and will continue to do so over the coming months. Meanwhile we will begin to look at obtaining board certification, film festivals and more to ensure that this receives the viewing it deserves.

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