Celebrate the film with amazing art.

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Now added to the site are 3 items featuring the amazing art painted by Andy Sylvester as part of the Shropshire 100 Days. This is Shropshire’s celebration of both the 100th anniversary of the Armistice and the death of Wilfred Owen, a son of Shrewsbury.

We are a part of the celebrations too as the film will be shown to a select group of people linked to its production alongside another WW1 film on November 8th with a QnA session alongside. It will be the first time that any of us have seen the (very) rough assembly of the complete film and a fantastic opportunity to see how it all fits together.

As a celebration and to recognise our links to these anniversaries we have produced these fantastic items, a T-Shirt, Women’s T and a Tote Bag. As with other items any money raised will go to festival entries to ensure that this film is seen by as many people as possible.  We make a small profit from all items, everything is printed to order individually and shipped within 48 hours (except weekends) so you know that your item is made especially for you.

Andy used a still from the shoot as the basis of the painting and offered to allow us to use the image to promote the film and create items to sell.

These items are limited in number. no more than 50 of each will be sold. Please visit the site http://tlwh.teemill.com to see these fabulous items.

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